Venicci Pure - The Elegant 3in1 Travel System Stroller

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Seat unit & Frame

A comfortable stroller placed
on a light black aluminum frame.


A capacious carrycot designed for children up to 19.8lb.


Footmuff for a child is the perfect solution for cold days in autumn and winter.

Changing bag

Stylish and elegant Venicci bag, help you easily and conveniently store necessary accessories while walking with your child.

Shopping basket

A practical and roomy shopping basket. Fits with every Venicci Frame with open shopping basket.

Cup holder

Bring your favorite drink with you.
Cup holder can fit a large and small cup or a bottle of water.

Mosquito net

A mosquito net will protect your child from insect bites.


Universal raincover for the pram – now you do not have to give up walking on a cloudy day.

*Newborn recline system in the bassinet is NOT INCLUDED

Venicci car seats are NOT AVAILABLE


Perfection is when the project has all the ingredients needed and nothing more than that and this is what our Pure strollers are. They constitute a set of brillinat, practical and simple deas. We put safety, comfort and aesthetics first. No compromises.

Rotary front wheels 360°

Simple is wise. Front wheels spin anywhere you want to, making streering easy.

Weight does not matter

The fabric in the lower part of a stroller ensures a perfect protection against dust or puddles.

The selection of materials

The choice of perfect fabrics for a new stroller takes weeks or even months of our designers’ work.



Easy - click mode

The click mode on the frame makes swapping between the different settings much easier.

Aluminium frame

Aluminium alloy significantly reduce total weight and makes stroller unnusualy light-weighted and easy to drive.

UV 50+ fabric

Walk with no worries. We take care of your child’s protection. The sun UV 50+ filter is a special, permanent protection from sun’s damaging radiations.

5 - point harness

Venicci stroller’s seat unit features 5 - point harness preventing the risk of child falling out of the seat unit.


Fabrics with a special water-repellent impregnation designed to keep your child safe and different weather conditions.

SAS - Shock Absorption System

The Shock Absorption System is in place to prevent the frame from shaking when pushed along rough terrain.

DMS - Direction Memory System

The DMS prevents the front wheels from spinning, when the front of the frame is lifted up on to another surface.


An innovative letherette boasts of high anti-allergenic specs, doesn’t overheat in the sun and doesn’t grow hard in the cold.

Rotary front wheels 360°

Simple makes life easier. The front wheels can move in any direction that you need to go. Get ready for a walk!


3in1 Travel System includes: Carry Cot & Seat Unit & Car Seat
2in1 includes: Carry Cot & Seat Unit



L: 30.7 IN/37.7 IN | W: 24 IN | H: 44 IN
WEIGHT (with chassis): 29.1 LB

L: 34.2 IN/39.7 IN | W: 24 IN | H: 44.4 IN
WEIGHT (with chassis): 28.6 LB

L: 32.2 IN | W: 19.6 IN | H: 9.8 IN

★ Reviews


82 reviews
5 stars

The audio parent unit works in conjunction with the app. It's seamless.

The range on the little audio unit is amazing. I can hear my baby even if I walk outside of my house.

Best Monitor

Loving our new Bebcare app monitor. Exactly what we wanted in a connected baby product.

Works great. A low EMF option for my baby

We went looking for a low EMF baby monitor. This Bebcare model ticks the right boxes. I like that the parent unit can be linked to 2 baby cams. This way I don't need to carry another parent unit screen to see my two children.

Smart monitor that works with a baby sensor mat. We appreciate the peace of mind

We like this smart Bebcare monitor. It works on both of our smartphones without issues. Pairing was pretty easy and we were able to get the whole thing setup within minutes. It's a pretty smooth experience overall.

The Bebcare SIDS detection sensor mat is a great addition that I really like. I find that the mat has the correct sensitivity level for my baby and mattress. We have gotten may be like two false alarms so far (6 months usage). I would say that we are less anxious because we know the monitor is watching over our baby.

Way better than the Owlet

So much more intuitive and easier to use than the Owlet Sock 3. We got this Bebcare after our friends recommended it to us.

Very happy with the camera. The picture quality is so good and clear. Also my phone can connect to the babe can even when I’m not using the home WiFi network.