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76 reviews
Works well

Easy to understand and use monitor. It works straight out of the box.

The 1080p HD video of my daughter looks incredible on my iPhone 13

The picture quality is simply stunning on this Bebcare IQ. I have never seen a connected camera with such good picture quality. It also works very well at night time. I can see my daughter's breathing in the crib when she's sleeping. The clear image gives me a peace of mind.

I would recommend this smart baby monitor. IMHO, it's a much higher quality camera than Nanit and Cubo AI. This one wins hands-down.

Great monitor. Very easy to use

Great monitor with a great screen. It doesn’t use WiFi so it’s super easy to operate. No app freezing up issues ever.

A monitor that works anywhere

Great video quality in a true 1080p fashion. I can make out the breathing movements of my baby boy at night.

Low emissions monitor

I’m happy I came across this low emissions design baby monitor when I was researching nursery products. I spent a lot of time reading about product safety and found out the importance of building a low emissions home. I didn’t want to expose my baby daughter for potentially harmful wireless emissions. This baby monitor is perfect for us. We got the Bebcare Hear audio monitor since it has the lowest power output.