The Travel System Stroller Guide

Today, you can find a large number of travel system strollers and car seats on the market. However, choose the best one often becomes a daunting task, especially when you are a new parent. Not only does a stroller help in managing your baby conveniently, but it can also provide great protection to your little one.

Remember, taking care of your baby is a continuous process. You have to take substantial steps and make informed decisions to provide all the comfort to your body. In today’s article, we will tell you what a travel system stroller is and how it is beneficial for your baby. Read on!

What is a Travel System Stroller?

Generally, a travel system stroller consists of a stroller, an infant car seat, and a car seat base. It is a full-size and separate stroller, which comes with an infant car seat that you can clip into the car or the stroller, depending on the situation.

A travel system allows you to create a carriage and snap an infant car seat into the stroller. You can use the stroller without a car seat when your little can sit up. As a parent, you should invest in a sturdy stroller and car seat because these things are essential for your baby’s safety.

A car seat keeps the little one safe during drives while a stroller keeps him or her secure in an outdoor or indoor environment. A car seat and stroller combo have become very popular in the last few years.

Many parents are opting to purchase a travel system stroller to make things easier for themselves. So, if you ask us whether or you need such a system, our honest opinion is that it is useful when you want to carry luggage or shopping in addition to your baby.

Likewise, you can use this system to provide comfort to your child in an outdoor situation. For example, when your baby needs a nap while you are out, there is nothing better than a travel system stroller.

What are the Benefits of a Travel System Stroller?

A travel system allows you to take the stroller seat and attach it to a stroller frame. With such a system, you don’t need a completely separate stroller because the car seat base can remain in place inside your vehicle.  Let us tell you some of the benefits of a travel system. Continue reading!

Easy Transfer

A travel system stroller has a unique design that keeps the baby in the carrier the entire time. It is up to you to carry your baby in an infant carrier or move him or her to the stroller frame. Keep in mind that the process requires a few clicks while removing and replacing items. The interesting thing is that you don’t need to remove your baby from his or her own infant carrier straps.

Impact Protection

Unlike a conventional stroller, an infant carrier protects your baby better from environmental pollutants and flying debris. Your baby lying enclosed in an infant carrier has better impact protection than a car seat that faces backward. The system accurately holds your baby in place in unpleasant situations, even when your car rolls or have a T-bone accident.

Comfortable Sleep

A travel system stroller is valuable for parents who want to transport a sleeping baby. There is no need for you to lift your baby out of the car seat and then place him or her into the stroller. A travel system stroller allows you to detach the infant carrier easily and slide or attach it to the stroller frame. The minor movements of the car won’t disturb your baby and leave him to stay asleep.  

Extra Features

You can find a wide range of travel system strollers on the market that offer various features, such as storage space and cup holders. Most often, such a system has handles and shades, which offer more convenience to parents in an outdoor setting. Some travel system strollers have a once-click latch system that makes it easier to install a car seat.

What is Best Travel System Stroller?

There are a few factors you should consider when choosing the best travel system stroller, such as size, storage, and canopy, ease of use, weight, and budget.

When it comes to the best travel system stroller, consumer reports and online customer reviews show that iCandy Peach Single Stroller with Bassinet and Contours Element Side by side 2 to 1 Stroller are the most popular options for parents. ICandy is a popular brand that offers high-quality and functional strollers at affordable prices.

The iCandy Peach Single Stroller comes with a variety of features, such as a state-of-the-art bassinet, comfortable parent facing seat, easy attachment/detachment system, compact fold, high-quality elevator system, and tandem conversion, etc. It is a travel system stroller that provides the convenience of use to you and comfort to your child.

Contours Element is one of the most reliable travel system strollers that offer side-by-side fits through a variety of doors. The system is equipped with a removable bassinet that you can use to transform into a pram. It has UPF 50+ sun canopy, self-standing fold, rear-wheel breaks, excellent storage, and tons of other reliable features.

Final Words

Typically, a travel system stroller comes with a variety of features, such as one-handed operation/folding, fully reclining sets for infants, and swing-out front trays. Most models even come with an extra storage space and cup holders.

You will find many styles, prices, and configurations that allows you to make an informed decision and choose the right one.  There are many brands and models available on the market. So, if you are excited to show your little the world, find a travel system stroller that is perfect for your baby. Good Luck!

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