Parenting 101: A Survival Guide for First-Time Moms & Dads

Congratulations, new mom or dad! Whether you’re preparing to welcome a little one into the world or are already enjoying the first few milestones at home with your newborn, you’ve probably heard conflicting parenting advice from everybody you’ve encountered. Luckily, there’s no wrong way to love your little one. There are, however, a few newborn tips we want to share that make first-time parenting a little easier. We’ve compiled a few key reminders just for you that are sure to help you enjoy your little one’s most precious moments and find a little calm in the occasional (but not constant) chaos of parenthood.


  1. Take advantage of the tools at your disposal

As a new parent, it can be hard to ask for help, but relying on the tools and resources already available to you can be one of the easiest ways to give yourself some peace of mind during this new and exciting chapter. Don’t hesitate to say “yes” when loved ones or grandparents offer to help, lean into the many apps available to make parenting more fun, and take advantage of products (like that make life a little easier. Relying on the everyday opportunities to eliminate stress and simplify this phase of life will help you maintain a sense of control as a first-time parent.


  1. Your best is always good enough

Always. New parents often spend restless nights worrying about whether or not they are doing right by their little one. Since your baby can’t talk to you yet, it’s sometimes difficult to know how they are feeling. Babies cry, and that isn’t a reflection on your ability to be a fantastic mom or dad. Some days you’ll feel like a superhero, and sometimes you’ll feel like you can’t do anything right. Not only is this normal, it’s inevitable. To avoid getting caught up in these thoughts, set reminders to yourself or ask loved ones to remind you that your best is good enough, and your little one is lucky to have a parent as thoughtful and capable as you.


  1. Schedule me-time and we-time

Connecting with yourself and your partner is one of the most important ways to come up for air and check in with each other. You might have to rely on some of those grandparents and loved ones, like we mentioned earlier, but you won’t regret carving out time to have adult conversations, practice self care, and take a break from your new normal. Just because you’re a new parent to a little one doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have fun! In fact, having fun in the midst of the hustle and bustle of parenthood is a great way to de-stress.


The truth is, welcoming a little one into the world can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Your newborn will give you the gift of memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives. For more tips, tricks, and resources that make parenting a breeze, check us out on Instagram.

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The range on the little audio unit is amazing. I can hear my baby even if I walk outside of my house.

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We went looking for a low EMF baby monitor. This Bebcare model ticks the right boxes. I like that the parent unit can be linked to 2 baby cams. This way I don't need to carry another parent unit screen to see my two children.

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The Bebcare SIDS detection sensor mat is a great addition that I really like. I find that the mat has the correct sensitivity level for my baby and mattress. We have gotten may be like two false alarms so far (6 months usage). I would say that we are less anxious because we know the monitor is watching over our baby.

Way better than the Owlet

So much more intuitive and easier to use than the Owlet Sock 3. We got this Bebcare after our friends recommended it to us.

Very happy with the camera. The picture quality is so good and clear. Also my phone can connect to the babe can even when I’m not using the home WiFi network.