Different Types of Baby Strollers

So Many to Choose From! Which One Is Right For You?


The baby stroller market is booming with many different types and styles, it can be hard to determine which is the best choice for you and your baby. You will need to take into consideration your price range, the type of lifestyle you have (or plan to have), and family size, in order to make the best decision for you and your family.


I’ll go ahead and warn you now, strollers can be expensive and first time parents may not be able to justify the extremely high prices for the top of the line stroller. But just because they can be doesn’t mean they need to be.


Our goal is to help you find the best baby strollers for your budget.


I know it was just mentioned in the opening paragraph, but the type of lifestyle you have, or are looking to have, can play a huge role in determining which type of stroller is right for you and your family.


Are you an active family that will spend most of your time outside? Then you may want to look into jogging and convertible strollers so you can bring your baby with you. Do you travel a lot? If so you will probably want to look for strollers that are lightweight and compactible to make traveling easier with an infant and  a stroller.


There is a “perfect stroller” that perfectly matches up with your specific scenario and finances, it just might take some time to figure out what exactly you need. If this is your first time shopping for a stroller, you may feel overwhelmed - but you don't have to worry!


Our guide below goes over the different types of strollers so you can decide which stroller will be right for you!


  1. Single Strollers


First on our list is the single style stroller that you will probably see the most while out in public. This traditional stroller style is a great long-term investment because they can typically transition with your baby as they grow.


Almost all of them will allow for an infant car seat, and can then change to safely carry your toddler from one point to another.


There are single strollers that weigh as little as 11 pounds, making it a great option for travel and getting in and out of your car. You can pretty much take this stroller anywhere where the terrain isn't too intense. They’re ideal for sidewalks, on paved streets, and walkways of parks.


Single stroller designs can come in a multitude of options that will satisfy even the pickiest of moms. Need a single stroller that can transition with your baby - look for convertible single stroller options. Looking for a single stroller that can travel with you - there are options for those too!


Your target price and ideal size will vary, so shop around until you find the perfect one for your perfect baby.


  1. Double Strollers


Do you have multiple kids that were born close together or twins? If so you might benefit from purchasing a double stroller. This option will allow for you to be able to push two children at the same time, as the name obviously suggests.


Double strollers come in two different designs: side-by-side doubles or single-file. Your single-file strollers, also referred to as in-line and tandem strollers, will have one seat in front of the other. These are great for one child in front and the other that still needs to be in a car seat. Side-by-side strollers are where both seats are right next to each other.


Depending on the design you choose, some should allow for two car seats to start when your babies are young and grow as your babies grow. You can also find convertible strollers that start with one seat available and you can add another seat at a later time.


If your two kids vary a lot in weight it can be difficult to maneuver a side-by-side double stroller. This style of double stroller also may have difficulty fitting through narrow doorways and navigating them in close corners can be a challenge. Tandem style strollers are longer and can sometimes be difficult to drive so make sure to keep that in mind when making your purchase.



  1. Convertible Strollers


Also known as an all-purpose stroller, this is the most popular option for a baby stroller. Single and Double strollers can be convertible.


Convertible strollers will be the option that you see the most on the market. These will typically have a place to hook your baby’s car seat in as well as convenient features like a reclinable seat, a storage basket, and cup holders.


Because this style stroller has many different functions and uses, they are typically on the bulkier side and may take a little more effort to flow down and travel with. Since the market is flooded with different styles of all-purpose and convertible strollers, their price range will vary widely in both directions.


You can even splurge and buy a convertible stroller that comes with the option to change the seat direction and even add an additional seat later on. If you end up not needing to add another seat, then you can convert some into an area where your toddler can stand as well as a place for them to sit - when they are a bit older.


  1. Lightweight Strollers


This type of stroller is what you will primarily see at theme parks or in shopping malls, because they are compact and lightweight - making them a perfect option in places where there will be a lot of people. You may also hear this style of stroller be referred to as an umbrella stroller, because they are able to fold up into what can resemble a golf umbrella.


Lightweight strollers are ideal for places that are typically more difficult to navigate around thanks to their slim design. Most people also prefer to buy these for travel as well. They are usually easy to fold up and some can even fit in the overhead compartments on airplanes.


Keep in mind that lightweight and umbrella-style strollers are not recommended for babies under 6 months, because they do not provide the support like some of the other heavy duty strollers.


They are primarily used for trips that will result in ease of moving the stroller from your car to the road, and to be able to quickly maneuver while your child is in them.


  1. Travel System Strollers


A Travel System stroller is a nice little combination package. You will typically have a detachable carrier that snaps right into the stroller and also into the car seat mount, all without the need to unbuckle your little bundle of joy.


You can use this style of stroller from the age of birth since it allows for a detachable baby carrier car seat to be used in the beginning, and then you can upgrade to using just the stroller itself once your baby has outgrown the carrier seat.


There is a much smaller chance of waking your sleepy baby when transitioning from the car to the stroller (and vice versa) because you don't have to move your little one at all!


Fun fact, if you have fallen in love with your current car seat, it may work with other travel system strollers - but it might be more beneficial to buy them together so you know for a fact they will work. If you buy the car seat and stroller separately you may need to purchase additional adapters to make the two work together.


  1. Jogging Strollers


For the athletic parent that wants to bring their baby with them on their daily jog, you may want to look into getting a jogging stroller! Most will have one central wheel up front with two in the back that makes navigating bumpy terrain a breeze.


Jogging strollers are made extremely sturdy with suspension systems that will absorb any bumps or cracks in the road, even ones that would typically make it impossible to push a stroller on. Thanks to their oversized wheels, you are able to swivel around any obstacles swiftly, all without causing too much trouble to your bundle of joy.


Does your path look like a straight shot? You can lock the wheels in place so they stay straight when you are traveling at faster speeds, and can adjust as needed. Because they are so heavy duty, they will weigh more than your typical stroller, but that’s to be understood with how much of an active lifestyle that they can sustain.

And, it gets even better!

Some jogging strollers even come with additional features like hand breaks that can help you stop or slow down a stroller when jobbing down a hill, and extra large canopies to protect your baby from the outside environment.


So Many Types Of Strollers!


It’s a lot to take in and consider, especially for the first-time parents out there. Don’t worry, this feeling of being overwhelmed is perfectly normal. These are big purchases and you only want the very best for your baby, we absolutely understand!


If you need help deciding which type of stroller may be best for you specifically, or help looking for any particular style of stroller, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be able to guide you in the right direction.


Buying Tip:

Do you have a particular brand of products that you prefer for your baby or toddlers? You can browse strollers by brand and stay loyal to the brands that have never let you down.

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