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68 reviews
Great video monitor

The Bebcare Motion is really easy to use and install. I’m not technical and don’t find this monitor to be hard to use at all. It’s great.

Best battery life on an infant monitor

Having gone through 3 other baby monitors, this Bebcare Hear one has the best best battery life. The little mother unit can easily operate on its rechargeable battery for multiple days at a time. It makes our lives easier as a parent with newborn twins.

Amazing video of the baby

Super clear image quality. Love seeing my baby on my phone. It's great as a nanny monitor.

One of the BEST smart baby monitors

The video on the Bebcare app is superb. Easily one of the best quality out there for a smart wifi monitor. I can see my baby in so much details even if the nursery is pitch black. The app is also easy to use and comes with a neat alert notification feature.

I also like that the IQ package comes with an "independent audio parent unit". It's like a traditional audio baby monitor that doesn't need wifi, so it's like having two monitors in one.

Good wifi monitor for babies

Love the app and the camera quality. Works great across my iPhone and my husband's Android phone. It's a lovely baby monitor that's easy to use. Got all the bells and whistles.